The Radon Company has been doing Missouri radon testing and Missouri radon mitigation since 2010. We also provide Arkansas radon testing and mitigation services. 

The Radon Company has been aggressively dealing with the problems of radon gas in Missouri and Arkansas since 2010.

Radon gas is everywhere- including Missouri and Arkansas

Radon gas is odorless and cannot be seen or tasted.  This dangerous gas comes from the natural (radioactive) breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water and gets into the air we breathe. Radon can be found all over the world, and the United States is no exception.  It can get into any type of building—homes, offices, and schools—and result in a high indoor radon level.

Radon levels in Missouri and Arkansas have been shown to be moderate to high in the nation. In fact, 18% of Missouri homes show elevated levels, putting people at risk. The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services offers free radon testing kits to homeowners during certain months of the year. Check the Missouri DHSS website for more information. 

According to geological data, 14 counties in Northern Arkansas rank moderately for dangerous radon levels. Unfortunately the State of Arkansas does not offer free radon test kits at this time.

The Surgeon General warns that Radon is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths, right behind cigarette smoking. Causing nearly 20,000 lung cancer fatalities per year, the presence of radon gas is especially dangerous when combined with smoking.

The radon company helps Missouri and Arkansas homeowners get rid of radon gas.

Homeowners who are concerned about high levels of radon can quickly and easily test for radon by using a DIY testing kit or calling The Radon Company in to run more sophisticated, official inspection tests.  

Once tested, we can give you a free estimate on a radon mitigation system to help get your home compliant with recommended EPA levels for the safety of your family.

The radon company helps real estate professionals get to more closings

A member of the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors, The Radon Company has been helping real estate agents get to more closings for years. As an affiliate of the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors, The Radon Company can test for radon and install systems without the need for the real estate agent to meet us at the property; all the agent needs to do is provide us with the CBS code; we handle everything from there.

By providing such services as client-realtor sales meeting Q and A sessions, as well as radon testing, and radon system installation services, The Radon Company has helped many real estate professionals Arkansas reassure their clients and complete this ever-important step of the closing process.


The radon company: Testing homes, installing radon mitigation systems, and savings lives one home at a time.