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How radon enters the home.

The Radon Company has been doing radon testing and mitigation in Nixa, Missouri since 2010. We are the radon mitigation team most able to take care of your Nixa home radon testing and mitigation needs. When your house or commercial building has tested higher than is safe in radon levels, call in the professional radon mitigation specialists of The Radon Company in Nixa, MO to fix the problem immediately. Sited by the Better Business Bureau as an A++ company, The Radon Company offers testing and systems that are easy, affordable and effective. Call the radon testing and reduction specialists of Nixa, Missouri today.

How do you know if you’ve been affected by toxic radon levels in your Nixa, Mo. home?

Nearly 20,000 lung cancer deaths are attributed to radon each year. Radon toxicity can be detected in blood, bone, urine and the lungs. The extent of exposure, however, can be difficult to measure with exactitude because though levels can be detected immediately, it typically takes years of exposure to cause ill health effects.

Cigarette smokers and those exposed to cigarette smoke, such as the children and elderly, are at a greater health risk where higher radon levels are present.  Children, especially, may be in greater danger because their respiratory rate is faster than that of adults.

The most optimal way to measure the dangers of radon in your Nixa, Missouri home or commercial building is to test for concentrations of radon in the air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the World Health Organization and Missouri officials are all working hard to educate the population about the dangers of radon and to encourage testing and mitigation where needed.

In fact, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers free radon test kits to Missouri homeowners and Nixa homeowners can easily contact them and take advantage of this potentially lifesaving offer.

Want to know more about the dangers of radon gas in your Nixa home or commercial building? Check out our FAQ page or reach out to a specialist today. 

Real estate agents in Nixa, Missouri can work with The Radon Company to have homes tested for radon and have reduction systems installed as needed.